Cámara de Diputados

de la Iglesia Episcopal

La 78a Convención General de la Iglesia Episcopal se celebró en Salt Lake City, Utah (Diócesis de Utah) de 25 de junio – 3 de julio de 2015.

Legislative Committee Rosters Released

Legislative committees of deputies, along with parallel legislative committees of bishops, work before and during General Convention to review and propose legislation for the convention to consider. For General Convention 2015, President Jennings has appointed the deputy committees listed below. To learn more about how this convention’s committees were established jointly by the Presiding Bishop…
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Legislative Aide Applications Open Through March 31

At each General Convention, legislative aides serve the House of Deputies by working closely with the officers of legislative committees to help legislation move through convention efficiently and smoothly. For General Convention 2015, legislative aides will be appointed through a new open application process. Both alternate deputies and volunteers who will attend General Convention at…
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Resources for Legislative Committee Officers

The documents on this page are samples from past General Conventions that may help legislative committee officers organize and communicate with their committees: Sample Welcome Email to Legislative Committee (Word) Sample Welcome Email to Legislative Committee (PDF) Sample Covenant for Legislative Committee (Word) Sample Covenant for Legislative Committee (PDF) Sample Legislative Committee Mtg Schedule (Word) Sample Legislative…
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House of Deputies Legislative and House Committee Officers

01 Dispatch of Business Chair: The Rev. Dr. James B. Simons (Pittsburgh, III) Vice Chair: The Very Rev. Anthony R. Pompa (Bethlehem, III) Secretary: Mr. Kenneth C. Beck (Spokane, VIII) Assistant Secretary: The Rev. Martha B. Berger (Milwaukee, V) 02 Certification of Minutes Chair: Ms. Sally Russell (Western Kansas, VII) Vice Chair: Mrs. Kaycee Reib…
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Report of the House of Deputies Study Committee on the Rules of Order

La versión en español del proyecto de Reglas de Orden es aquí: Las Reglas de Orden en español December 10, 2014 Dear Deputies and Alternate Deputies: The House of Deputies Study Committee on the Rules of Order was appointed by President Jennings following the 77th General Convention. Her goal in appointing the committee was to…
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Informe de la Cámara de Diputados Comité de Estudio sobre las Reglas de Orden

Estimados diputados y suplentes: La presidente Jennings nombró el Comité de estudio sobre las Reglas de Orden de la Cámara de Diputados después de la 77ª. Convención General. Su objetivo al designar el comité era emprender una revisión y actualización completa de las Reglas de orden que rigen las actividades legislativas en la Cámara de…
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Restructuring for General Convention: A Letter from President Jennings

October 22, 2014 Dear Deputies and Alternate Deputies: In just eight months, we’ll begin gathering for the 78th General Convention. I’m eager to see all of you in Salt Lake City, and as our time together approaches, I plan to write to you periodically to update you about what to expect in the House of…
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Una Carta del Presidente de la Cámara de Diputados y la Obispa Presidente

Utilice el enlace que aparece para leer una carta importante de la Obispa Presidente y el Presidente de la Cámara de Diputados, comités legislativos de la 78a Conventión General, y las Cinco Marcas de la Misión: Apoyo a la Misión y Asociación para la Misión. Leer la carta aquí.

Five Marks of Mission: Supporting Mission and Partnership for Mission

Legislative Committees in support of Mark 1: To proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom Congregational Vitality Evangelism & Communications World Mission Legislative Committees in support of Mark 2: To teach, baptize, and nurture new believers Congregational Vitality Formation & Education for Ministry Prayer Book, Liturgy & Music Legislative Committees in support of Mark 3:…
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78th General Convention Legislative Committees

1. Dispatch of Business Proposes the agenda for its house and determines the calendar of the day, proposes special orders of business, and schedules elections. (Each house has its own committee.) 2. Certification of Minutes Reviews the minutes of the previous legislative day, corrects the minutes and reports on their completion to the house. (Each…
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