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Entre las convenciones, el ministerio de los diputados lleva a cabo las resoluciones de la Convención General y enriquece la iglesia. Comparta sus historias por correo electrónico.

The Movement Towards Equality is Not Inevitable

Winnie Varghese

The ordination of women in the Episcopal Church is a story of huge successes. It is a big deal and a good thing that women can be deacons, priests, and bishops. It is important and hard fought, still. I’ve just come from four weeks in India visiting seminaries and churches and participating in what is…
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Incarnating Hope

Preaching at my ordination, Gene Robinson was proposing that people need clergy “to be the God person in their lives” when my young daughter, exhausted and hungry, interrupted. Wailing. Gene was unfazed. He assured me that it was fine, to take my time. I took Alice and began digging through the layers of my alb….
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“This is my Body.”

Katie Sherrod

“This is my Body.” I had heard those four words my entire life. But when first I heard them spoken by a woman, they caused joy and wonder, grief and rage, hope and elation to erupt in my soul. I realized I, too, was part of the Body of Christ. I, too, was a child…
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Taking the Economic Equality of Women Seriously

After 40 years, the ordination of women in the Episcopal Church continues to be a symbolic gesture that has not resulted in the equality of women in the church and society. For the full equality of women to become a reality, the Episcopal Church’s highest priority in the work for women’s equality in the next…
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«Can Boys Even Be Priests?»

I was born six years after the «Philadelphia Eleven.» I have never known a time without women as clergy in the Episcopal Church. I was fortunate to be formed in a diocese that affirmed and supported women in ministry and I currently serve as a priest in a diocese where the number of women clergy…
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A World That Is Good For Women is Good For Everyone

I was in fifth grade when Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori was elected as the first female presiding bishop of The Episcopal Church. After returning from the General Convention where Katharine was elected, my mother printed out the article written up in the New York Times about her. I taped it to my bedroom door so…
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Young Latinas, Leaders Without Reservation

My hope for the future is that women in the church will be leaders without reservation. In the past, women were sent to the back of the line in leadership opportunities. For a number of years now, women have been welcome in all walks of church life in the Episcopal Church. After the election of…
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A Question Not of Equal Rights, But of Baptism

On September 11, I attended the celebration of ministry and retirement of Susan Harriss, the rector of Christ Church in Rye, New York. Susan, who was ordained priest in 1980, has for the last 16 years been the rector of Christ’s Church. At the end of an excellent sermon, there was applause and a standing…
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The Ordination of Women Did Not Just Happen

In March of 1976 (my senior year at Episcopal Divinity School) I preached a sermon in the chapel declaring my intention to delay my own ordination to the priesthood until the ordination of women was approved by the General Convention. I called on my fellow graduating men to do the same. Although the local response…
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Inviting Outsiders In, Always

I grew up in an Episcopal Church that ordained women. I have never known anything else, and for that I am deeply grateful. Including women in all aspects of our church hierarchy is vitally important, and there is certainly more work to do in this vein. Still, I hope that the Episcopal Church will look…
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