Cámara de Diputados

de la Iglesia Episcopal

Actualización del Equipo de Trabajo para la Revisión Litúrgica y del Libro de Oración

El Equipo de Trabajo presenta el siguiente informe: El Equipo de Trabajo para la Revisión Litúrgica y del Libro de Oración, creado por la Resolución A068 de 2018 celebró su segunda reunión del 22 al 25 de octubre en el Centro de Conferencia Emory, en Atlanta, Georgia. El Equipo de Trabajo está buscando, recibiendo y revisando materiales…
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«The fire to dare to share our learnings»: a Sermon from Diane Pollard

This sermon was delivered by New York deputy and member of Executive Council Diane Pollard during the meeting of Executive Council in Birmingham, Alabama on October 18, 2019: Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be always acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, my strength and my redeemer. Over the…
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Unlearning the History We Were Taught: Executive Council Opening Remarks

Good morning, and welcome to Montgomery. I’m glad to be here with all of you after my long summer of recovering from shoulder replacement surgery, and I’m even more glad to have escaped, if only briefly, the clutches of my physical therapist. I suspect he actually enjoys putting me through those torturous exercises that are…
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State of the Church Committee Meets with Bishops

Group charged with adaptive thinking travels to Minneapolis The members of the House of Deputies State of the Church Committee met earlier today with the House of Bishops. The group, which President Jennings asked «to identify, study and report on the Episcopal Church’s most significant opportunities to innovate and experiment so that we are equipped for 21st…
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Navigating Uncharted Territory: Using Social Media Responsibly and Charitably

Dear Deputies and Alternate Deputies: Last week, we learned that the 10-year membership and attendance numbers for the Episcopal Church show a steep decline. For those of us who love the Episcopal Church, this news was sobering and even upsetting. It has inspired many people to question their assumptions and consider anew the urgency of…
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A Relentless Cascade of Violence and Injustice: A Letter from President Jennings

Dear Deputies and Alternate Deputies: For the past several weeks, reading the news has registered like a series of body blows. First, a cluster of mass shootings by white men in California, Texas, and my home state of Ohio killed more than 30 people, most of whom were people of color. Then, while the vigils…
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Plans Underway for Families with Children at #GC80

In February, the Diocese of Western Louisiana became the first diocese to elect deputies for General Convention 2021 in Baltimore. As deadlines to stand for election approach in other dioceses around the church, families with children can explore options for children who will attend General Convention, which will take place June 30 to July 13, 2021. Thanks…
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Honoring the Ministry of Journalism: Executive Council Opening Remarks

Mary Frances Schjonberg of Episcopal News Service with President Jennings

President Jennings gave these remarks to the opening session of Executive Council on June 10, 2019, at the Maritime Center. Good morning. Welcome, once again, to the Maritime Center. I’m looking forward to our meeting, and I particularly want to welcome our guests Dr. Ursuline Bankhead, who will lead our implicit bias training this afternoon,…
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Provincial Court of Review Nominations Now Open: March 15 Deadline

At its meeting earlier this month, Executive Council adopted Resolution G0005, which accepts the recommendations of a working group convened to establish a way to populate a new Court of Review established by General Convention in Resolution A110. The Court of Review replaces separate provincial courts of review and is for cases involving priests and…
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Caminando juntos de Jericó a Jerusalén: discurso de apertura del Consejo Ejecutivo de la Presidente de la Cámara de los Diputados

La reverenda Gay Clark Jennings, presidente de la Cámara de los Diputados de La Iglesia Episcopal, hizo estas observaciones en la sesión de apertura del Consejo Ejecutivo el 21 de febrero: Buenos días. Me alegra estar aquí con todos ustedes en la ciudad de Oklahoma, y ​​le agradezco al Obispo Ed, su hospitalidad. Espero pasar…
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