December 5, 2012–Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori and President of the House of Deputies the Rev. Gay Clark Jennings have announced the 24 members of the special Task Force for Church Structural Reform created by Resolution C095 of the 77th General Convention.

“We are delighted at the collection of gifts that have been offered for this work, and overjoyed at the constellation assembled in this task force,” commented Presiding Bishop Jefferts Schori. “We pray that God’s creative spirit will be unleashed in the midst of this work to move us into God’s future with excitement, openness, and commitment to the opportunities before us.”

“Please join us in praying for the members of the task force as they begin their work,” said President Jennings. “The Episcopal Church must restructure faithfully and thoughtfully to bring us closer to the heart of God and those we are called to serve. May the Holy Spirit lead the task force toward a new vision of our beloved church.”

The Presiding Bishop and the President of the House of Deputies reviewed over 500 applicants who were interested in serving on the Task Force.

“This work has taken several months, and we are deeply grateful for the willingness of many faithful Episcopalians to offer themselves for this work,” said Presiding Bishop Jefferts Schori.

“As we have worked together to create the structure task force, the Presiding Bishop and I have enjoyed exploring our many common hopes for the church and the vision we share for its mission and ministry,” said President Jennings. “Our work is blessed by these conversations, and we continue to be gratified by how much we enjoy working together.”

The Task Force for Church Structural Reform is composed of 24 members: four bishops; nine priests; one deacon; and ten lay people. Five are deputies. Three are under age 30; eight in their 30s; five in their 40s; four in their 50s; and four are age 60+. Nine are people of color.

The members of the Task Force for Church Structural Reform and their dioceses are:

  • The Rev. Jennifer L. Adams, Diocese of Western Michigan
  • The Rev. Joseph M.C. Chambers, Diocese of Missouri
  • Canon Judith G. Conley, Diocese of Arizona
  • Bishop Michael Bruce Curry, Diocese of North Carolina
  • Bishop C. Andrew Doyle, Diocese of Texas
  • The Rev. Marianne S. Ell, Diocese of North Dakota*
  • The Rev. Miguelina Espinal-Howell, Diocese of Newark
  • Professor Victor A. Feliberty-Ruberte, Diocese of Puerto Rico
  • The Venerable Robert Anton Franken, Diocese of Missouri
  • Dr. Catherine George, Diocese of New Jersey
  • Bishop Mary Gray-Reeves, Diocese of El Camino Real
  • Ian L. Hallas, Diocese of Chicago
  • Julia Ayala Harris, Diocese of Florida
  • The Rev. Dr. Bradley S. Hauff, Diocese of Pennsylvania
  • The Rev. Leng Leroy Lim, Diocese of Los Angeles
  • Thomas A. Little, Esq. Diocese of Vermont
  • The Rev. Canon Craig W. Loya, Diocese of Kansas
  • Sarah Miller, Diocese of Alabama
  • The Rev. Kevin D. Nichols, Diocese of New Hampshire
  • Bishop Sean W. Rowe, Diocese of Northwestern Pennsylvania
  • Margaret B. Shannon, Diocese of Texas
  • T. Dennis Sullivan, Diocese of New York
  • Jonathan McKenzie York, Diocese of North Carolina
  • The Rev. Dr. Dwight J. Zscheile, Diocese of Minnesota

In addition, two partners from other Anglican Communion provinces have been appointed: the Very Rev. Peter Elliott of the Anglican Church of Canada, dean of the Diocese of New Westminster and rector of Christ Church Cathedral in Vancouver; and the Rev. Sathianathan Clarke, Th.D., of the Church of South India, who is the Bishop Sundo Kim Chair in World Christianity and professor of theology, culture and mission at Wesley Theological Seminary.

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*The Rev. William H. Allport, II, resigned from the Structure Task Force for personal reasons shortly after appointment. The Rev. Marianne S. Ell of the Diocese of North Dakota was appointed to fill the vacancy.