House of Deputies

of The Episcopal Church

Touch Grass: Legislative Officer Training Opening Remarks

President Jennings gave these opening remarks to an online training of legislative officers on September 28: Good afternoon—or good morning, or good evening, depending on your time zone. Thank you all for devoting this time to preparing for General Convention.  We’ll get down to details in just a few minutes, but before then, I want…
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House of Deputies Legislative Committees Appointed

More than 483 deputies will serve on House of Deputies legislative committees at the 80th General Convention, House of Deputies President Gay Clark Jennings has announced. The triennial meeting, originally planned for 2021, is now scheduled to take place in Baltimore from July 7-14, 2022. For the first time, legislative committees will convene online beginning in November…
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Members of the Joint Nominating Committee for the Election of the Presiding Bishop Elected

Congratulations to Deputies Thomas Alexander of Arkansas, Lydia Kelsey Bucklin of Northern Michigan and Rose H. Sconiers of Western New York; alternate deputies Thomas Diaz and Antonio Gallardo of Los Angeles; and also to Maureen-Elizabeth Hagen of Oregon, Deborah Harmon Hines of Western Massachusetts, Deborah M. Jackson of Florida, Steven Nishibayashi of Los Angeles, Mary…
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