House of Deputies of The Episcopal Church
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President’s statement to Church of Sweden

Walking Together Toward Justice and Peace Dear Friends in Christ: This is a joyous occasion to be here with you all today as we come together to affirm this full communion partnership, continuing to make official what has been true for centuries: that our churches’ collective witness to the world of love of stranger, love of creation, and…
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President Ayala Harris’ October Executive Council opening remarks

Traducción al español a continuación Stepping Into the Current Good morning, fellow members of Executive Council. It’s great to be gathered together from all of our places and spaces. I must say that I am especially delighted to be following our presiding bishop in giving my opening remarks this morning. It is an answer to prayer…
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A Message of Hope: Reflections from the PHOD as we prepare for the 81st General Convention

Hello, House of Deputies. I am recording this video from the site of the 81st General Convention here in Louisville, and I’m so excited for this upcoming General Convention. I just did a tour of the House of Deputies, and it’s going to be fantastic. I cannot wait until you can see it and experience…
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Letter to Deputies from President Ayala Harris

Traduccion al español a continuación Dear Deputies, It is with a heavy heart that I write to share some difficult news with you. Over the last year, I have been the complainant in a Title IV case under the purview of the Disciplinary Board for Bishops.  Until today, to uphold the integrity of the process,…
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