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House of Deputies Blue Book Podcast

hosted by President Ayala Harris

“House of Deputies Blue Book Podcast” is your go-to resource for staying informed, engaged, and connected with the ongoing developments within the General Convention and its interim bodies. Whether you’re a deputy to the 81st General Convention, a member of a local parish, or a church geek, this podcast will provide valuable insights, thought-provoking conversations, and a deeper understanding of The Episcopal Church’s role in today‘s world.

In each episode, President Ayala Harris will bring you insightful interviews with members of the House of Deputies. Together, they will explore the various resolutions and topics presented in the Blue Book, discussing their significance, implications, and how they shape the direction of the 81st General Convention.


Episode 9

Get Ready for GC81: T Minus 24 Days

Guest: Deputies Tess Judge and Emily Mellott 

In this episode of the “House of Deputies Beyond The Blue Book Podcast,” host President Ayala Harris sits down with Deputies Tess Judge and Emily Mellott to discuss pivotal developments within the Episcopal Church. This episode focuses on the Confirmation of the Election of the Presiding Bishop and the critical work of the Dispatch of Business, which prepares deputies for what to expect at GC81. It highlights the legislative procedures that shape the Church’s governance and future direction. 

Deputies Tess and Emily provide an insider’s view on the nuances of church leadership elections and the legislative intricacies involved in the Dispatch of Business. They delve into how these processes not only uphold the structural integrity of the Church but also reflect its commitment to democratic values and transparent governance.

Listeners will gain a deeper understanding of these committees and their important role at this upcoming General Convention. This discussion is crucial for all deputies, alternates, or anyone interested in the legislative aspects of our Church. Join us to discover more about the inner workings of the 81st General Convention.

Episode 8

Forging Paths of Justice: The Constituting Group for Episcopal Church Coalition for Racial Equity and Justice

Guest: Deputies Ryan Kusumoto and Zena Link  

In this special episode of the “House of Deputies Blue Book Podcast,” President Ayala Harris engages in a crucial conversation with Deputies Ryan Kusumoto and Zena Link about the formation and mission of the Constituting Group for the Episcopal Church Coalition for Racial Equity and Justice. This episode shines a spotlight on the church’s commitment to dismantling systemic racism and building a more just and equitable community for all its members.

Deputies Kusumote and Link share their insights and experiences from the front lines of this transformative work, discussing the vision, challenges, and hopes for the Coalition’s impact within the church and beyond. The conversation delves into how the Coalition aims to address racial injustices, promote equity, and foster healing and reconciliation across the Episcopal community.

Listeners will learn about the strategies being developed to create lasting change, the importance of this work in the context of the church’s broader mission, and how every member of the church can participate in and support these vital efforts. If you are seeking inspiration for action in your own community, this special episode offers a compelling look at the ways in which faith can guide us toward a more just and loving world.

Tune in to be inspired and challenged by the work being done to forge paths of justice and equity within The Episcopal Church, and to find out how you can be part of this important journey.

Visit the coalition website today

Episode 7

Beyond the Pew: Church Membership and Household Diversity Today

Guest: Deputies Paul Canady and Charles Graves

In the seventh episode of the “House of Deputies Blue Book Podcast,” President Ayala Harris welcomes Deputies Paul Canady and Charles Graves to discuss two pivotal areas: The Task Force on the State of Membership in The Episcopal Church and the Task Force to Study Household & Relationship Diversity. The episode explores the evolving nature of church membership and how our understanding of family and relationships is expanding within the church community.

Deputies Canady and Graves provide their unique insights into the challenges and opportunities presented by changing demographics and societal norms, highlighting how these shifts impact membership and the inclusivity of diverse households in The Episcopal Church. Through their conversation, listeners will gain an understanding of the church’s efforts to adapt and grow in ways that reflect the richness of human experience and relationship dynamics.

This episode addresses the statistical and strategic aspects of church membership and delves into the theological and pastoral considerations of embracing household and relationship diversity. Whether you’re interested in the data driving church growth, passionate about inclusivity, or seeking to understand how The Episcopal Church is responding to the needs of its members in a changing world, this discussion with Paul and Charles offers a compelling look at the future of faith community and belonging.

Episode 6

Green Faith, Vibrant Communities: Exploring Vitality and Environmental Justice

Guest: Deputies Kate Bond and Barbie Okamoto Bach

In the sixth episode of the “House of Deputies Blue Book Podcast,” President Ayala Harris facilitates a conversation with Deputies Kate Bond and Barbie Okamoto Bach. They discuss the intersection of spirituality and environmental issues within the Episcopal Church, exploring how the church addresses the pressing need for environmental justice while promoting congregational growth and vitality. During the discussion, Deputies Bond and Okamoto Bach delve into the vital work of the Task Force to Study Congregational Vitality Indicators and the Task Force on Care of Creation and Environmental Racism.

Kate and Barbie share insights into the innovative approaches to measure and enhance congregational health alongside the church’s commitment to combating environmental racism and caring for creation. This episode highlights the interconnectedness of faith and environmental stewardship, showcasing the church’s efforts to nurture vibrant communities that are both spiritually fulfilling and actively engaged in ecological advocacy.

Listeners will come away with a deeper understanding of how The Episcopal Church is responding to contemporary challenges through a lens of faith, justice, and sustainability. Whether you’re passionate about environmental issues, interested in the dynamics of church growth, or simply looking to learn more about the church’s initiatives, this episode promises to inspire and inform. 

Episode 5

Inclusive Pathways: Exploring Translation and LGBTQ+ Inclusion 

Guest: Deputies Roberto Maldonado and Jay Elmquist

In the insightful fifth episode of the “House of Deputies Blue Book Podcast,” President Ayala Harris welcomes Deputies Roberto Maldonado and Jay Elmquist for a profound conversation on the Episcopal Church’s strides towards greater inclusivity and accessibility. This episode centers on the groundbreaking work of the Task Force on Translation and Interpretation alongside the Task Force on LGBTQ+ Inclusion, showcasing the church’s commitment to embracing diversity and fostering a welcoming environment for all.

Deputies Maldonado and Elmquist share their experiences and the significant progress these task forces have made, highlighting the importance of language accessibility and LGBTQ+ inclusion within the church. Through their discussion, listeners will gain a deeper appreciation for the efforts to ensure that worship, resources, and community life are accessible and affirming to members across the spectrum of language and identity.

Tune in to explore the ways in which the church is not just navigating but leading the conversation on inclusion and accessibility, ensuring that every voice is heard and valued. Whether you’re actively involved in these initiatives, interested in learning more about the church’s direction, or seeking inspiration for inclusivity in your own context, this conversation with Roberto and Jay offers valuable insights into the journey towards a more inclusive and understanding Episcopal Church.

Episode 4

Strengthening the Church: From Parochial Reports to Anti-Harassment Policies

Guest: Deputies Eva Warren and Anna Carmichael

Join President Ayala Harris as she engages in dialogue with Deputies Eva Warren and Anna Carmichael, focusing on the latest state of The Episcopal Church, innovative changes in the parochial report, and the ongoing development of anti-harassment best practices.

This episode offers a comprehensive look into how the church is adapting to the needs of its members through more reflective and positive reporting measures, alongside a steadfast commitment to creating a safer environment for all members. Deputy Warren delves into the significance of the new parochial report format, exploring how these hope-filled questions aim to capture the vibrancy of congregations across the church.

Moreover, Deputy Carmichael discusses the interim body’s efforts to oversee the development of anti-harassment policies and provides listeners with an understanding of The Episcopal Church’s proactive approach to ensuring dignity and respect are at the forefront of its mission. 

Tune in to this enlightening episode to witness firsthand how The Episcopal Church is embracing change, fostering hope, and setting a course for the future of our church.

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Episode 3

Cultivating Leaders: Formation and Mission 

Guest: Deputies Katherine Karr-Cornejo and Judy Conley

Dive into the heart of spiritual growth and global engagement in the third episode of the “House of Deputies Blue Book Podcast.” This episode features a dynamic conversation with Deputies Katherine Karr-Cornejo and Judy Conley. Together, they explore the critical work of the Standing Commission on Formation and Ministry Development and the Standing Commission on World Mission, shedding light on how these areas are pivotal to the Episcopal Church’s present and future.

Deputies Karr-Cornejo and Conley share insights into the processes and priorities of nurturing clergy and lay leadership while also detailing the church’s role and responsibilities in the global community. This episode is a journey through the initiatives that shape our leaders and extend our mission beyond borders, highlighting innovative approaches to ministry formation and the interconnectedness of the global Episcopal family.

Episode 2

Shaping Our Church’s Tomorrow: Governance and Worship 

Guest: Deputies Steve Pankey and Stannard Baker

This episode delves into the intricate workings of the Standing Commission on Structure, Governance, Constitution, and Canons alongside the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music, revealing how these bodies influence the fabric of our church’s life and its future direction.

Deputies Steve Pankey and Stannard Baker bring their expertise and passion to the table, offering an inside look at the challenges and opportunities facing our church’s structure and liturgical expression. From governance reforms to the evolving landscape of worship music and liturgy, this discussion promises to enlighten and inspire, whether you’re deeply invested in church administration or passionate about the spiritual experience of worship.

Episode 1

Leading with Care: Unpacking Church Health Plans and Mental Health Initiatives

Guest: Deputies Megan Carlson and David Sibley

n this episode, we’re honored to welcome Megan Carlson and David Sibley, two deputies who, during the past year, have been working on the importance of wellness in our church. Join us as we unpack the complexities of the Task Force on Individuals with Mental Illness and the Task Force to Advise the Church on Denominational Health Plans.