In February, the Diocese of Western Louisiana became the first diocese to elect deputies for General Convention 2021 in Baltimore. As deadlines to stand for election approach in other dioceses around the church, families with children can explore options for children who will attend General Convention, which will take place June 30 to July 13, 2021.

Thanks to a coalition of deputies at General Convention 2018, the House of Deputies passed Resolution D087, which guarantees accommodation for nursing and bottle-feeding children on the floor of the house.

The General Convention also offers a children’s program during legislative sessions, committee meetings, and worship. The program is open to children from infants to twelve years of age and in 2021 will explore the care of creation, taking the theme “Deep Dive in Gratitude.” The cost is anticipated to be $50 per day, according to the General Convention Office.

Deputy Tanya Wallace of Western Massachusetts has enrolled her daughter in the program since 2009. “It is so much more than childcare; the program is a safe space for young ones, an invitation to experience General Convention first-hand, an opportunity to learn to follow Jesus in the wider church, an experience of a community of people who love them and raise them up in the Way of Love,” said Wallace. “The Children’s Program allows me to balance serving at General Convention with being a mom, and it has provided my daughter with unforgettable experiences and lifelong friendships.”

To learn more about the children’s program, email the General Convention Office.