The Task Force on Liturgical and Prayer Book Revision has released the following summary statement:

The Task Force on Liturgical and Prayer Book Revision was established by Resolution 2018-A068 and met for its second meeting Oct. 22-25, 2019, at the Emory Conference Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Task Force is seeking, receiving, and reviewing liturgical materials from the wider Church, and will make available a draft document titled, “Principles for New Liturgical Texts” in order to facilitate the work of the diocesan liturgical commissions envisioned by Resolution 2018-A068. The Task Force has been gathering from bishops names of contact people in each diocese who can coordinate communication with the Task Force.  The Task Force invites those who have yet to respond to the request to contact the Task Force at [email protected].

The Task Force is building a website that will include resources and documents as well as a submission page designed to collect feedback, ideas, and liturgical submissions/resources. Until the website goes live, the Task Force invites the wider Church to contact them at [email protected].

The Task Force will continue to investigate the Constitution and Canons of the Episcopal Church to clarify the means and methods of liturgical authorization and publication.

The Task Force will make available a draft document titled, “Common Prayer: Worship in the Episcopal Church” in order to make transparent what the Task Force imagines the direction for liturgical and Prayer Book revision to be.

The Task Force is working with the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music to draft a document to outline principles for inclusive language about/for humanity and expansive language about/for God.  This work recognizes that different languages require different strategies.

The Task Force will make available to the whole church the draft documents noted above as soon as they are translated and prepared for distribution. The Task Force welcomes and encourages submissions, ideas, and feedback on the drafts in order to facilitate its work at its next meeting in April 2020.

The Task Force appeals to the bishops, liturgical officers, and liturgical commissions of each diocese to study and respond to the mandates of Resolution 2018-A068 and share their work with the Task Force.

image:  Episcopal News Service