All episodes from the series are now available. If you haven’t listened to them yet, now is the perfect time. Led by President Ayala Harris, these episodes feature enlightening conversations with deputies across standing committees, task forces, and interim bodies, covering the pressing issues and resolutions that set the stage for this summer’s General Convention.

Beyond the Blue Book special episodes were released in May. These episodes will covered significant subjects for the church that are not included in the Blue Book but are essential for all deputies to understand. This is an unparalleled chance to connect with peers, understand the church’s impact in the modern era, and gain a deeper insight into the critical issues at play.

Episode 8:  Forging Paths of Justice: The Constituting Group for Episcopal Church Coalition for Racial Equity and Justice

Guests – Deputies Ryan Kusumoto and Zena Link 

Episode 9:  Get Ready for GC81: T Minus 24 Days

Guests – Deputies Tess Judge and Emily Mellott 

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