House of Deputies of The Episcopal Church

Council of Advice

The President of the House of Deputies’ Council of Advice meets periodically during the triennium in order to provide feedback and consultation regarding the mission and ministry of the President of the House of Deputies.

Members of Council of Advice

Dr. Luisa E. BonillasLay
The Rev. Angela Goodhouse Clergy (Deacon)
The Rev. Charles Graves IVClergy (Priest)
Mr. Bryan KrislockLay
Mr. Ryan KusumotoLay
The Rev. Lester MackenzieClergy (Priest)
Ms. Louisa J. McKellestonLay
Ms. Kathryn NishibayashiLay
The Rev. Steve PankeyClergy (Priest)
The Ven. Archdeacon Aaron PerkinsClergy (Deacon)
Ms. Crystal B. PlummerLay
The Rt. Rev. Sean Rowe Bishop
Dr. Sarah Stonesifer Boylan, Ed.D. Lay
The Rev. Rachel Taber-HamiltonClergy (Priest)
The Rev. Daniel Velez-RiveraClergy (Priest)