House of Deputies

of The Episcopal Church

The Cloak of Invisibility

Belonging Full communion in the church doesn’t mean what is used to. Even those who belong don’t belong if they don’t have the rights and privileges of others. The list of nonbelonging belongers is long. If you’re included in the list (which means you’re excluded), You know it, even though you’ve been assured that the…
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Throwing Privilege Into Stark Relief: White Women, Racism and #MeToo

When I read any story, I tend to put myself somewhere in the narrative, projecting myself onto certain characters. I find the character I end up “trying on” generally has something in common with me. In the tale of the woman who anoints Jesus just before the passion narrative begins, I project myself onto her….
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A New Biography of Absalom Jones

As we again approach the celebration of Absalom Jones Day, let me ask us all to review the biography of Blessed Absalom which we print in our bulletins and to which we refer in our teaching and preaching. The most popularly printed version seems to be the short account printed in “Lesser Feasts and Fasts”…
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