House of Deputies

of The Episcopal Church

Preliminary Budget Draft and Survey Now Available: A Letter from President Jennings

Dear Deputies, The preliminary draft of the 2019-2021 triennium budget, prepared by Executive Council’s Finance for Mission Committee (FFM), is now available online. An overview of the budget prepared by the committee is also available. After you have reviewed the overview and draft budget, I hope that you will take the online survey about the budget. This survey will provide both FFM…
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We Need All the Mission We Can Get: Executive Council Opening Remarks

President Jennings gave these remarks at the opening session of the Executive Council meeting on October 18, 2017: Good morning. Welcome back to the Maritime Center, and welcome back to Executive Council. I’m glad to be here with you all. Our work of strengthening the church to spread the gospel seems more and more critical…
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Praying to End Gun Violence: A Statement from President Jennings

This morning, my heart broke once again to learn about another mass shooting in the United States. My prayers and support are with the people of the Episcopal Diocese of Nevada, with their deputies, and with my friend Bishop Dan Edwards. I pray especially that our mourning for the dead and wounded will motivate us…
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