House of Deputies of The Episcopal Church
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House of Deputies Legislative and House Committee Officers

01 Dispatch of Business

Chair: The Rev. Dr. James B. Simons (Pittsburgh, III)

Vice Chair: The Very Rev. Anthony R. Pompa (Bethlehem, III)

Secretary: Mr. Kenneth C. Beck (Spokane, VIII)

Assistant Secretary: The Rev. Martha B. Berger (Milwaukee, V)

02 Certification of Minutes

Chair: Ms. Sally Russell (Western Kansas, VII)

Vice Chair: Mrs. Kaycee Reib (Northwestern Pennsylvania, III)

Secretary: The Rev. A.J. Heine (Louisiana, IV)

03 Rules of Order

Chair: The Hon. Byron Rushing (Massachusetts, I)

Vice Chair: Mr. Bill Joseph (Ohio, V)

Secretary: Mr. John M. Washbush (Milwaukee, V)

Assistant Secretary: The Rev. Elizabeth L. Easton (Nebraska, VI)

04 Constitution & Canons

Chair: William R. Cathcart, Esq. (Oklahoma, VII)

Vice Chair: Stephen F. Hutchinson, Esq. (Utah, VIII)

Secretary: Ms. L. Zoe Cole (Colorado, VI)

Assistant Secretary: James S. Simon, Esq. (Ohio, V)

05 Governance & Structure

Chair: Sally A. Johnson, Esq. (Minnesota, VI)

Vice Chair: Canon Thomas G. O’Brien III (Southeast Florida, IV)

Secretary: Thomas A. Little, Esq. (Vermont, I)

Assistant Secretary: The Rev. Molly F. James, Ph.D. (Connecticut, I)

06 World Mission

Chair: The Hon. Martha B. Alexander (North Carolina, IV)

Vice Chair: The Very Rev. Charles E. Osberger (Easton, III)

Secretary: The Rev. Canon Lee A. Crawford, Ph.D. (Vermont, I)

Assistant Secretary: The Rev. Edwin D. Johnson (Massachusetts, I)

07 Social Justice & International Policy

Chair: Russell V. Randle, Esq. (Virginia, III)

Vice Chair: The Rev. John E. Kitagawa (Arizona, VIII)

Secretary: Mrs. Noreen L. Duncan (New Jersey, II)

Assistant Secretary: Ms. Dunstanette Macauley-Dukuly (Newark, II)

08 Social Justice & United States Policy

Chair: Ms. Diane B. Pollard (New York, II)

Vice Chair: The Rev. Jane S. Gould (Massachusetts, I)

Secretary: Ms. Sarah E. Lawton (California, VIII)

Assistant Secretary: Ms. Sarah Neumann (Massachusetts, I)

09 Congregational Vitality

Chair: JoAnn B. Jones, Esq. (Pennsylvania, III)

Vice Chair: The Rev. Michael W. Michie (Dallas, VII)

Secretary: Ms. Beth Marquart (West Virginia, III)

Assistant Secretary: The Rev. Colin J. Mathewson (San Diego, VIII)

10 Evangelism & Communications

Chair: The Rev. Canon Dennis A. Blauser (Northwestern Pennsylvania, III)

Vice Chair: Mrs. Mary B. Stevenson (Georgia, IV)

Secretary: D. C. “Woody” Bradford III, Esq. (Nebraska, VI)

Assistant Secretary: The Rev. Hope Benko (Fort Worth, VII)

11 Prayer Book, Liturgy and Church Music

Chair: The Rev. Devon E. Anderson (Minnesota, VI)

Vice Chair: The Rev. Lowell E. Grisham (Arkansas, VII)

Secretary: The Rev. Robert W. Prichard, Ph.D. (Virginia, III)

Assistant Secretary: The Rev. Marshall A. Jolly (Lexington, IV)

12 Formation & Education for Ministry

Chair: The Rev. Canon Stephen M. Carpenter (Northern California, VIII)

Vice Chair: The Rev. Evan D. Garner (Alabama, IV)

Secretary: Ms. Anne E. Bardol (Northwestern Pennsylvania, III)

Assistant Secretary: The Rev. Sierra Wilkinson Reyes (Georgia, IV)

13 Church Pension Fund

Chair: The Rev. Dr. R. Stan Runnels (West Missouri, VII)

Vice Chair: The Ven. Augusto Sandino Sanchez (Dominican Republic, IX)

Secretary: The Rev. Canon Kathleen J. Cullinane (San Joaquin, VIII)

Assistant Secretary: Ms. Sarah Jane Miller (Alabama, IV)

14 Stewardship & Development

Chair: The Rev. Andrew Green (San Diego, VIII)

Vice Chair: The Rev. Dr. James E. Taylor (South Carolina, IV)

Secretary: The Rev. Phyllis P. Bartle (Central Florida, IV)

Assistant Secretary: Mr. Colin Haffner (Spokane, VIII)

15 Ecumenical & Interreligious Relations

Chair: J.P. Causey, Esq. (Virginia, III)

Vice Chair: The Rev. Dr. C. Denise Yarbrough (Rochester, II)

Secretary: Scott K. Haight, Esq. (West Tennessee, IV)

Assistant Secretary: Ms. Margaret Davidson (Nevada, VIII)

16 Environmental Stewardship & Care of Creation

Chair: The Rev. Ellen L. Tillotson (Connecticut, I)

Vice Chair: The Rev. Ledlie I. Laughlin (Pennsylvania, III)

Secretary: The Hon. Kelley T. Kimble (West Texas, VII)

Assistant Secretary: Mr. Paul Castelli (Michigan, V)

17 Privilege & Courtesy

Chair: Ms. Margaret Evans Porter (New Hampshire, I)

Vice Chair: The Rev. Canon Jan Naylor Cope (Washington, III)

Secretary: Ms. Krisita A. Jackson (Central Florida, IV)

18 Credentials

Chair: Ms. Kathryn Dyer (Missouri, V)

Vice Chair: Mr. Cedric Flounory (Michigan, V)

Secretary: Ms. Eileen Yeakley (Eau Claire, V)

19 Confirmation of the Presiding Bishop

Chair: Ms. Lynn V. Schmissrauter (East Tennessee, IV)

Vice Chair: The Rev. Lisa Tucker-Gray (Michigan, V)

Secretary: The Rev. Joell B. Szachara (Central New York, II)

Assistant Secretary: The Rev. Brandon L. Mauai (North Dakota, VI)

20 Marriage

Chair: The Very Rev. Dr. Brian N. Baker (Northern California, VIII)

Vice Chair: The Rev. J. Stannard Baker (Vermont, I)

Secretary: The Rev. Ruth Lawson Kirk (Delaware, III)

Assistant Secretary: The Rev. Dr. Brian K. Wilbert (Ohio, V)

21 Joint Standing Committee on Program, Budget and Finance

Chair: The Rev. Mally Ewing Lloyd (Massachusetts, I)

Secretary: The Rev. Dr. Douglas E. Sparks (Minnesota, VI)

22 Alcohol & Other Drug Use

Chair: The Very Rev. Steven Thomason, MD (Olympia, VIII)

Vice Chair: Ms. Brenda Hamilton (Maine, I)

Secretary: The Rev. Susan B. Haynes (Northern Indiana, V)

Assistant Secretary: Mr. James Ellis (Montana, VI)

House of Deputies Resolution Review Committee

Chair: Michael O. Glass, Esq. (San Joaquin, VIII)

Vice Chair: Jack Finlaw, Esq. (Colorado, VI)

Secretary: The Rev. Richard E. Helmer (California, VIII)

House of Deputies Legislative Aides Committee

Chair: The Rev. Paul A. Burrows (California, VIII)

(Roman numerals denote the province of the Episcopal Church in which the deputy’s diocese is located.)