House of Deputies of The Episcopal Church


The 78th General Convention of The Episcopal Church was held in Salt Lake City, Utah (Diocese of Utah) from June 25-July 3, 2015.

Now That You’re Home: 2015 Edition

I am a big fan of David Letterman’s Top Ten Lists. Here is my Top Ten List for deputies after returning home from General Convention, updated for 2015: 10. Remember you were elected by your diocese and you remain a deputy if and until your successor is elected. Your service as a deputy encompasses more…
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Demographics of the House of Deputies

The House of Deputies at the 78th General Convention in Salt Lake City comprised 868 deputies, 52 percent of whom were men and 48 percent of whom were women. According to the Pew Research Center, the Episcopal Church’s membership in 2014 was 55 percent women and 45 percent men. Length of service Forty-six percent of…
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House of Deputies Prayers – 78th General Convention (2015)

The Rev. Lester Mackenzie, deputy from the Diocese of Los Angeles, served the House of Deputies as Chaplain during the 2015 General Convention in Salt Lake City. Lester opened each session with prayer – some traditional, some unfamiliar. Often, he would have the House on its feet enabling the Spirit to flow freely amongst the…
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General Convention Sermon, June 26

In the Name of our Living, Loving, and Magnificent God!  Amen. Our first two readings today speak of visions. They paint frightening pictures, even for those of us who look at them from a distance of almost two thousand years, in one instance, and more in the other. Isaiah gives us six winged creatures tending…
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“Ruling Makes Our Nation Fairer, More Loving, and More Just”

The Rev. Gay Clark Jennings, president of the Episcopal Church’s House of Deputies and lead signer of the amicus brief submitted to the Supreme Court in March and signed by nearly 2000 religious leaders who support marriage equality, released this statement on today’s Supreme Court ruling: “As we Christians are known to say from time…
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“May We Be Opened:” President Jennings’ Opening Remarks to General Convention

Good morning, and welcome to the 78th General Convention of the Episcopal Church! My name is Gay Clark Jennings, and I’m a deputy. Today is a big day. For us deputies, it’s our first chance to be together in three years, and it’s our first chance to welcome our 398 new members. First-time deputies account…
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Parliamentary Resource Deputies Appointed

President Jennings has appointed 13 deputies who will be available to answer questions about parliamentary procedure, help deputies make motions, and more. The deputies who have agreed to serve are: Larry Hitt of the Diocese of Colorado Joan Geiszler-Ludlum of the Diocese of East Carolina Sally Johnson of the Diocese of Minnesota Paul Ambos of…
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A Letter from President Jennings: Are You Ready?

June 15, 2015 Dear Deputies and Alternate Deputies: Are you ready? In a week, we’ll begin gathering in Salt Lake City for General Convention. During the last three years, I’ve met so many of you online, over the phone, and at meetings, and I can’t wait for the chance to be together in one place…
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Parliamentary Procedure Charts

House of Deputies Parliamentarian Bryan Krislock has prepared reference charts of how to make common parliamentary motions. The first chart can be used as long as the current Rules of Order are in place; the second chart can be used if the House of Deputies adopts the new proposed rules. These charts will not be…
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A Romp Through the Virtual Binder

Deputy Liz Brauza of the Diocese of Western New York has created “A Romp Through the Virtual Binder” to help deputies practice for our first paperless General Convention. Download the document and visit the virtual binder “sandbox” site through Thursday, June 18 to practice. “You cannot break it,” Brauza writes. “I promise.” After June 18, the…
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Elecciones por la Cámara de los Diputados

28 de abril del 2015 Estimados Diputados y Diputados Alternos: La Convención General se reúne una vez cada tres años, por lo que los diputados tienen la gran responsabilidad de elegir y confirmar a muchas de las personas que hacen el trabajo de la Iglesia entre las convenciones. En esta convención, vamos a elegir a…
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A Letter from President Jennings: Elections and Confirmations at General Convention

April 28, 2015 Dear Deputies and Alternate Deputies: General Convention meets just once every three years, so we deputies have a great responsibility to elect and confirm many of the people who do the work of the church in between conventions. At this convention, we’ll elect 50 people to nine different positions, confirm House of…
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