House of Deputies

of The Episcopal Church

The Bigotry at the Heart of Fulton v. Philadelphia: A Statement from President Jennings

As a priest in the Episcopal Church, where we have struggled for decades to treat LGBTQ+ people with the dignity they deserve and God demands, I am disappointed by the Supreme Court’s decision in the case of Fulton v. City of Philadelphia. Scholars can debate the broader legal implications of the decision, but as a…
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A Full and Equal Claim: LGBTQ+ Episcopalians Discuss the Path Forward

For decades, General Convention has helped the Episcopal Church move closer to full inclusion for LGBTQ+ Episcopalians, but the work is not yet done. On May 18, Deputy Jen Adams of Western Michigan, Deputies Christopher Hayes and Cameron Partridge, both of California, and Miguel Escobar, executive director of the Episcopal Divinity School at Union Theological…
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Parliamentarian Bryan Krislock Introduces the 80th General Convention Schedule

The draft schedule for the 80th General Convention is now online. In a new video, House of Deputies Parliamentarian Bryan Krislock, a member of the Joint Standing Committee on Planning and Arrangements, explains some of the schedule’s new features that are designed to make the work of deputies and bishops more effective. Watch the video…
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