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Between conventions, the ministry of deputies carries out the resolutions of General Convention and enriches the church. Share your stories via email.

The Church is Not Dying, It Is Changing: A Message from the House of Deputies Theologian

As leaders in the Episcopal Church, you have all heard a good deal about the so-called “decline of the church.” The number of both church members and dollars contributed to the Episcopal Church, locally and nationally, has been decreasing for decades. This has ignited a good deal of concern in church circles. Many are worried…
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Hoping to Bear Fruit: California Deputation Prepares with Anti-Racism Training

The deputation of the Diocese of California took part in a day-long anti-racism training on October 2 to prepare for the upcoming General Convention. As part of the training, the group, which included deputies and alternate deputies, reviewed the Racial Justice Audit of Episcopal Leadership and discussed manifestations of white supremacy at General Convention. They…
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Taking the World Seriously: A Message From the House of Deputies Theologian

Greetings to you all, here on the brink of the Feast of All Saints! It has been a real joy to share with you over the past few newsletters some further thoughts on how doing the work of church governance is theological work. I tried to emphasize that this is theological work both because it…
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Stayray ma-shi – “May you not be tired.”: A Blessing from the House of Deputies Chaplain

Stayray ma-shi – “May you not be tired.” —Pushtun Tribesman Greeting, Afghanistan Blessings and strength, dear friends, as I write to you from St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in magnificent Laguna Beach, CA.  Blessings and strength, my brothers, sisters and siblings in Christ, as we move together toward the 80th General Convention in Baltimore.  Blessings and…
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Encourage, Amplify, Resource, Challenge: A Message from the House of Deputies Theologian

In my contribution to the previous House of Deputies newsletter, I emphasized the importance of remembering that the work of church governance that you do as deputies is itself theological work. It is theological work in the sense that it is driven by theological concerns and aims to achieve theological goals. This is because it…
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At the Service of the Holy Spirit: A Message from the House of Deputies Theologian

Greetings from Church Divinity School of the Pacific! All of us here are ramping up for the start of the new academic year. Meanwhile, you, too, are ramping up, picking up the pace of serving as deputies to the 80th General Convention as we head toward June 2022. Legislative committees have been appointed. Trainings will…
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Dismantling Systemic Racism in the Episcopal Church

A lot has been going through my mind in the past few weeks as a person of color. The death of George Floyd reveals the fault line of our country’s original sin, and this is a moment of reckoning of our nation’s soul. I hope the outrage we are experiencing can begin to engage this…
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A Pentecost Lamentation

May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be always acceptable in your sight, my Lord and my Redeemer. On this Pentecost, I saw this challenge posed to Episcopalians at the end of a reflection: “If you would like to DO something to help dismantle systemic & institutional racism …” It…
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Seeking Justice in Minnesota

On Monday night, George Floyd, a black resident of Minneapolis, died after being restrained by police officers, one of whom pressed his knee against Floyd’s neck for more than eight minutes. Earlier this week, the Rev. Craig Loya, bishop-elect of Minnesota and former deputy from Nebraska, wrote about the situation in light of the long…
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Absalom as a Model for Our Work in Times Like These

Byron Rushing

In this difficult time, I have been reading the histories of epidemics and pandemics in the United States. And remembered the history of the 1793 Yellow Fever epidemic in Philadelphia and the work of the Free African Society and our own Absalom. The Free African Society and its leaders, Absalom Jones, Richard Allen, William Gray…
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