House of Deputies of The Episcopal Church

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Between conventions, the ministry of deputies carries out the resolutions of General Convention and enriches the church. Share your stories via email.

Saying Yes to the Beloved Community

On June 23, President Jennings spoke to the closing banquet of the Episcopal Asiamerica Ministries@40 Conference. I am deeply honored by this opportunity to speak to you tonight. Thank you for your warm welcome and hospitality. It is a privilege to be with you and learn more about the vital ministry of EAM and its…
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On Stewardship of the Mechanics of Social Progress
Gregory Straub on screen ag General Convention

Remarks on the eve of being awarded a doctor of divinity honoris causa by Episcopal Divinity School, May 22, 2013 At the insistence of George Jessel, Groucho Marx joined the Friars Club. He found club life not to his liking, so he sent a telegram to the club secretary resigning his membership. The telegram read, “I wouldn’t belong to a…
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Deputy Laura Russell Participates in Women’s Indaba Process
several women together in room

As Deputy Laura Russell of the Diocese of Newark sees it, spending three days in Indaba conversation about gender-based violence was a way to strengthen the relationships among grassroots leaders that are the real strength of the Anglican Communion. “Women’s issues can help transcend cultural boundaries, especially when we get together to talk,” said Russell…
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Wilderness Tips for Episcopalians

On February 1, 2013, President of the House of Deputies Gay Clark Jennings gave the keynote address at the Winter Convocation of the Episcopal Diocese of Ohio. Jennings is an eight-time deputy Ohio deputy. Wilderness Tips for Episcopalians:  Leading the Church in a Post-Christian World Not too long after I was elected president of the…
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