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Between conventions, the ministry of deputies carries out the resolutions of General Convention and enriches the church. Share your stories via email.

The Long Walk Home

I have often told this story to congregations when preaching. There was a man in a bookstore interested in a religious book. He turns the cover over and sees the author is a woman priest. He frowns instantly. The picture of a feminine smiling face stares at him head on. He is instantly uncomfortable. He…
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Driven by the Spirit into Dark Places

What aspect of the women’s ordination movement do you most want Episcopalians today to remember and honor? The “movement” was not so much a movement as it was the Gospel’s call to be about those tasks that un-bind people and to set them free. As a child of the church growing up within the church,…
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Roland Allen Sermon: June 8, 2016

President Jenning preached this sermon on June 8 at the opening Eucharist of the Executive Council meeting in Chaska, Minnesota: In the Name of God. Amen. Today we commemorate Roland Allen, the son of an Anglican priest who was orphaned at an early age. Allen followed in his father’s footsteps and was ordained a priest…
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A Thread of Hope in A Violent Time: 2015 Christmas Message
Jennifer Baskerville-Burrows and her son

Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.–Soren Kierkegaard Five years ago, Christmas day found me cradling a one-week old baby in my arms. A newborn, black baby boy holding all of the promise and hope of the future in his quivering, adorable, needy little body. At the time, I believed…
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Making Safe the Road from Jericho to Jerusalem: The Elmina Consultation
Gay Jennings and five others

In mid-September, a group of African Anglicans, members of other African churches, and Episcopalians held a consultation on the Bible and sexuality in Elmina, Ghana.  House of Deputies President Gay Clark Jennings and Deputies Brian Baker, Lowell Grisham, Fredrica Harris Thompsett, and Bonnie Perry participated in the meeting, which was held at the invitation of…
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Going Home
Jennifer Baskerville-Burrows

Deputy Jennifer Baskerville-Burrows of the Diocese of Chicago preached this sermon on racial reconciliation and social justice at the Church of St. Paul and the Redeemer on December 14, 2014 (Advent 3B): As we continue to process the events of the day–the continued protests over the killing of black men at the hand of police…
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Episcopal Migration Ministries Shares the Journey
Episcopal Migration Ministries logo

Earlier this month, the Executive Council awarded Episcopal Migration Ministries (EMM) with a $44,910 Constable Grant to increase the involvement of Episcopalians in the Church’s refugee ministry. The Constable grant will support “Share the Journey,” a program that encourages Episcopalians to advocate for just solutions for all refugees and offers education and formation that “deepens…
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The Super Bowl and Human Trafficking

The Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks are set to meet at the Meadowlands on Sunday for Super Bowl XLVIII. For months, Episcopalians in New Jersey have been preparing for the shadow side of the big day. “The Super Bowl will bring more glitz and glamour than perhaps any other event New Jersey has ever hosted,”…
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Remembering Nelson R. Mandela
Edward Mackenzie, Desmond Tutu, Nelson Mandela

Sawubona, Yebho. This is a salutation you would hear if you were to travel to Johannesburg and Cape Town, the cities where my family live and where I was born and raised. The Zulu greeting, “Sawubona” means “I see you” and the response “Ngikhona” means “I am here.” As always, when translating from one language…
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Making It Real in the Monday-Saturday World
Sarah Lawton and her family

Sarah Lawton Honored with House of Deputies Medal Members of Generation X are frequently portrayed as too cynical to commit themselves to creating institutional change. But the description doesn’t fit Deputy Sarah Lawton of the Diocese of California. “There’s work for all of us to do in the public square,” says Lawton, who was awarded…
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Rain is a Blessing: Asset-Based Community Development in Ghana
Woman working in maize field

“Rain is a blessing, and we know you have brought us a blessing,” Rita Ayeebo, the project manager at the Anglican Women’s Development Centre in Yelwoko, Ghana, told a group of nineteen Episcopal Relief & Development pilgrims waiting out a heavy shower under a roofed patio at the organization’s headquarters last July. After several days…
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Observaciones a Iglesia Anglicana de México VII Sinodo General
several clergy persons and bishops

14-15 de Junio, 2013 Ciudad de Mexico Buenos días. Es un honor el haber sido invitada por el Obispo Touché-Porter y el Canónigo Ramos-Huerta para estar con ustedes en este importante sínodo, y estoy feliz de ser la portadora de afectuosos saludos para todos ustedes de parte de la Iglesia Episcopal. En el noventa y…
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