House of Deputies

of The Episcopal Church
General Convention

Every three years, the General Convention of the Episcopal Church meets to consider the legislative business of the church. The General Convention, which includes the House of Bishops and the House of Deputies, is the primary governing and legislative body of the church. Between conventions, the General Convention continues to work through its committees, commissions, agencies and boards. The Executive Council of the Episcopal Church carries out the programs and policies adopted by General Convention.

House of Deputies Legislative Committee Process for the 80th General Convention

The COVID-19 pandemic has raised challenges across our church and beyond. In the House of Deputies, these have included  the postponement of the General Convention and a shorter timeframe for legislative sessions at the 80th General Convention. In light of these challenges, the President of the House of Deputies and the Presiding Bishop have announced…
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Taking the World Seriously: A Message From the House of Deputies Theologian

Greetings to you all, here on the brink of the Feast of All Saints! It has been a real joy to share with you over the past few newsletters some further thoughts on how doing the work of church governance is theological work. I tried to emphasize that this is theological work both because it…
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Stayray ma-shi – “May you not be tired.”: A Blessing from the House of Deputies Chaplain

Stayray ma-shi – “May you not be tired.” —Pushtun Tribesman Greeting, Afghanistan Blessings and strength, dear friends, as I write to you from St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in magnificent Laguna Beach, CA.  Blessings and strength, my brothers, sisters and siblings in Christ, as we move together toward the 80th General Convention in Baltimore.  Blessings and…
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Encourage, Amplify, Resource, Challenge: A Message from the House of Deputies Theologian

In my contribution to the previous House of Deputies newsletter, I emphasized the importance of remembering that the work of church governance that you do as deputies is itself theological work. It is theological work in the sense that it is driven by theological concerns and aims to achieve theological goals. This is because it…
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House of Deputies Legislative Committees Appointed

More than 483 deputies will serve on House of Deputies legislative committees at the 80th General Convention, House of Deputies President Gay Clark Jennings has announced. The triennial meeting, originally planned for 2021, is now scheduled to take place in Baltimore from July 7-14, 2022. For the first time, legislative committees will convene online beginning in November…
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Members of the Joint Nominating Committee for the Election of the Presiding Bishop Elected

Congratulations to Deputies Thomas Alexander of Arkansas, Lydia Kelsey Bucklin of Northern Michigan and Rose H. Sconiers of Western New York; alternate deputies Thomas Diaz and Antonio Gallardo of Los Angeles; and also to Maureen-Elizabeth Hagen of Oregon, Deborah Harmon Hines of Western Massachusetts, Deborah M. Jackson of Florida, Steven Nishibayashi of Los Angeles, Mary…
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At the Service of the Holy Spirit: A Message from the House of Deputies Theologian

Greetings from Church Divinity School of the Pacific! All of us here are ramping up for the start of the new academic year. Meanwhile, you, too, are ramping up, picking up the pace of serving as deputies to the 80th General Convention as we head toward June 2022. Legislative committees have been appointed. Trainings will…
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From President Jennings: Legislative Committee Rosters Available Online/De La Presidenta Jennings: La Lista de Comités Legislativos Disponibles en Línea

Dear Deputies and Alternate Deputies: In February, Presiding Bishop Curry and I announced the list of legislative committees that will serve at the 80th General Convention next summer in Baltimore, and in early March, I asked all of you to complete a survey expressing your legislative committee preferences. In the last several months, I have…
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From the Presiding Officers: Online Election for the Joint Nominating Committee for the Election of the Presiding Bishop/Las elecciones en línea para el Comité Conjunto de Nominaciones para la Elección del Obispo Primado

Dear Bishops and Deputies: A week from today—Tuesday, June 8—we will begin the online election for the Joint Nominating Committee for the Election of the Presiding Bishop. This way of electing leaders will be an experiment—one of many we have undertaken during the COVID-19 pandemic—and we ask all deputies and bishops to participate so we…
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GC80 Legislative Committees Survey Now Available

Dear Deputies: In preparation for the 80th General Convention in July 2022, I am beginning the process of appointing deputies to legislative committees. The Presiding Bishop and I wrote to bishops and deputies about our plans for legislative committees on February 23; you can read that letter on the House of Deputies website. The survey to indicate…
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