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Presiding Bishop’s Pastoral Letter to the Diocese of South Carolina

Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori has written a pastoral letter to the Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina: “Your presence adds to the ability of this community to discern the will of God, even if you disagree vehemently with one or another resolution passed by a particular General Convention. There will be another General Convention in…
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Opening Remarks to Joint CCAB Meeting

On November 12, House of Deputies President Gay Clark Jennings spoke to the opening dinner of the first meeting of the new joint commissions, committees, agencies and boards of The Episcopal Church. “ Opening Remarks Joint CCAB Meeting St. Louis, Missouri November 12, 21012 Good evening. Welcome to St. Louis. Bishop Katharine and I, along…
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Sermon Preached at Executive Council

I was a young woman of 23 when I went to see the Bishop of Central New York to tell him I was going to seminary. It was August of 1974 and I had already been accepted at the Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I was going on my own self-devised trial year, but…
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Straub Honored with Inaugural House of Deputies Medal

October 15, 2012–The Rev. Canon Dr. Gregory S. Straub, who will retire as executive secretary of the General Convention of the Episcopal Church on January 1 after nearly eight years and three General Conventions, was awarded the inaugural House of Deputies medal today. The Rev. Gay Clark Jennings, president of the Episcopal Church’s House of…
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Executive Council Opening Remarks October 2012

Good morning. There’s an old British saying I’ve had in mind these past few months: Start as you mean to go on. And since I was elected in July, that’s what I’ve been trying to do. Now, in case you’re aspiring to be president of the House of Deputies one day, let me warn you…
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Are Resolutions of General Convention Binding?

The question of whether resolutions of General Convention are binding is one that is asked in a variety of contexts. It may be a question of whether it is worthwhile to consider resolutions if they will not be binding. Or it may be a question of what the difference is between a canon and a…
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Fundraising Begins for St. James in Cannon Ball

On the night of July 25, the worship space and parish hall of St. James’ Episcopal Church in Cannon Ball, North Dakota, burned to the ground. The Rev. John Floberg, a deputy from the Diocese of North Dakota, is rector of St. James and canon missioner for native ministry in the diocese. Floberg writes, “The blaze destroyed…
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Short on Politics, Long on Jesus

What is General Convention like? After the 2012 convention, President Gay Clark Jennings wrote this essay for The Washington Post: Every three years, the Episcopal Church lays itself open to criticism and ridicule by gathering about a thousand people together for eight days and thinking out loud. The people at our General Convention come from all over the church, which…
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Scope and Authority of General Convention

“There shall be a General Convention of this Church … .” Thus opens the Constitution of the Episcopal Church. Art. I.1. Dr. Pamela Chinnis, President of the House of Deputies from 1991-2000, once summarized General Convention’s authority in this way: General Convention has the authority to change the documents that define us as Episcopalians: the…
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Summary of Actions

On August 10, 2012, the General Convention Office released the Summary of Actions of the 77th General Convention. In his introductory letter, Executive Officer and Secretary of General Convention Gregory Straub wrote: The 77th General Convention considered 411 pieces of legislation:  167 came from our Committees, Commissions, Agencies and Boards (A Resolutions); 29 Resolutions came…
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Resolution D059 In Action

Deputy Sarah Lawton and her colleagues in the Diocese of California have begun putting Resolution D059 to work by advocating for immigration reform. Read the coverage in Episcopal News Service.

New Council of Advice Includes Bishop

For the first time in memory, a bishop has been named as one of the closest advisors to the president of the House of Deputies. “Bishop Sean Rowe of the Diocese of Northwestern Pennsylvania has generously agreed to sit on my council and foster closer collaboration between the two houses of General Convention,” said House of…
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