House of Deputies

of The Episcopal Church
Daily archives: Thursday, September 30, 2021

Stayray ma-shi – “May you not be tired.”: A Blessing from the House of Deputies Chaplain

Stayray ma-shi – “May you not be tired.” —Pushtun Tribesman Greeting, Afghanistan Blessings and strength, dear friends, as I write to you from St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in magnificent Laguna Beach, CA.  Blessings and strength, my brothers, sisters and siblings in Christ, as we move together toward the 80th General Convention in Baltimore.  Blessings and…
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Encourage, Amplify, Resource, Challenge: A Message from the House of Deputies Theologian

In my contribution to the previous House of Deputies newsletter, I emphasized the importance of remembering that the work of church governance that you do as deputies is itself theological work. It is theological work in the sense that it is driven by theological concerns and aims to achieve theological goals. This is because it…
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Touch Grass: Legislative Officer Training Opening Remarks

President Jennings gave these opening remarks to an online training of legislative officers on September 28: Good afternoon—or good morning, or good evening, depending on your time zone. Thank you all for devoting this time to preparing for General Convention.  We’ll get down to details in just a few minutes, but before then, I want…
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